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This Guy Will Single Handedly Destroy The “Real People” Chevrolet Ad Campaign

Someone go to Zebra Corner’s YouTube channel and give this guy a subscribe, because he has really earned it by making all of these FANTASTIC “Real People” commercial parodies. (PSA: While you’re over at his channel, don’t be afraid to head over to ours too found here, because we’re building it up too so we can provide content to you. End shameless plug)

If you don’t know “Mahk” by now then you’ve been really missing out. He has trashed Chevrolet over their “Emoji” commercial. He has also destroyed them over their Malibu commercial, the one that kicked off this ridiculous ad campaign. He has even found himself lost in the Spanish version. Now it’s time for Chevrolet’s “Real People” Initial Quality commercial to bite the dust.

In case you don’t know just what the hell “Initial Quality” really means, we’ve written up a breakdown of it.

Well done, Mahk! Well done. Don’t stop until Chevrolet kills this stupid ad campaign!

(Source: Zebra Corner)


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