The Amazon Car Show Will Have A Fourth Member

The new Amazon car show starring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May will be airing on Amazon Prime starting in the Fall of 2016. Details about the show have slowly trickled out thanks to a Guardian interview with James May, mentioning the new car show will have a different format compared to Top Gear. It turns out May is not alone in providing details as Amazon have made a major announcement today about the highly anticipated car show, that’s still yet to be named.

According to an interview with an Amazon executive, there will be a fourth presenter, “dedicated to a high performance driving role” on the team. He stated:

We think our Amazon Prime customers will love the new addition to the show! I’ve spoken at great length with Jeremy, Richard, and James about this… and they’re all on board with this plan. They’ve even given the new cast member a rating of 5 stars! If we find the new presenter’s performance to be short of expectations, we’ll ship it back for FREE if within 30 days of receipt of shipment.

The Amazon executive spared no additional information such as who will take on the highly coveted role beside the iconic trio of presenters. However, details behind the mysterious casting have not been in short supply.


Several employees at the Amazon headquarters in Seattle, Washington, have witnessed strange meetings at odd times between the old Top Gear Trio and, what has been reported multiple times as, “a person in a full racing suit.”


Further fueling the speculation behind the identity, a source close to the show’s writing staff have mentioned an absence of new scripts despite the addition of the fourth presenter. This suggests the new cast member may not actually have a speaking role in the show. A member of the production crew have expanded on this notion and theorized that the lack of scripts is actually due to the new presenter’s inability to speak.

Some say that he goes to the office using a drone. And unlike Jeremy Clarkson’s £10 million salary, his salary will be $99 a year and renews automatically. All we know is he won’t be called the Stig due to potential copyright infringement with the existing BBC program.

When we approached James May about the show’s new hire:

I think he’s rather excellent. The fact that he comes with free two-day shipping is absolutely amazing. You couldn’t make it up!

Source: We made it up.


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