New Details About That Car Show On Amazon

James May, who has a new show over in BBC FOUR called “James May: The Reassembler,” has revealed a little more detail about The Boys’ car show that’s going to be aired on Amazon Prime. The studio format that we’ve grown fond of, the one that’s been copied by other Top Gear franchises across the world, will not be used in the new show. In a Guardian interview, James May mentioned that instead the new “MASSIVELY EXPENSIVE” series will be shot entirely on the road.

We are not a studio-centered thing anymore. We are making a series of TV films and we don’t have a base… It is massively expensive what we are doing, for reasons that I hope will become apparent when you see it. We are doing more episodes than we did in the latter days of Top Gear. It is quite intense.

When it comes to how much the crew is paid, Jeremy Clarkson is bringing home about £10 million while both Richard Hammond and James May are bringing home £7 million each, for their Amazon contract. But it’s not like they’re drenched in the Amazonian rain of cash just yet because “they don’t give us a great big bag of money and say, ‘Here’s your money go off and spend it’. They give it to us bits at a time,” said May in the interview.


The first run of the Amazon show will also go for 11 episodes starting in the fall of 2016. But what’s more exciting is that this show will go on for at least more than that:

We are doing it over three years and there are going to be 30-plus long episodes. So no, we haven’t all been out and bought a yacht. I’ve got a new pair of trainers, that’s the only difference in my life since I started working for Amazon

The interview also touches on the New Top Gear’s latest controversy, where the new co-presenter Matt LeBlanc and Gymkhana driver Ken Block took a Hoonicorn 1965 Mustang and drifted around London landmarks like the Cenotaph, an event that drew outrage as many saw the act as a complete show of disrespect. James May thought how the stunt might have been “ill-judged” on the BBC’s part.

While the new Top Gear show seems to be starting off on the wrong foot, we are totally looking forward to the new car show on Amazon Prime and have reloaded our Prime membership for motoring consumption. The Boys are already seen driving a “Brilliant” highly modified old Merc around town, supposedly for the new show. BRING IT ON!!!

Source: The Guardian


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