Koenigsegg Regera And One:1 Described By The Man Who Made Them

Sometimes you may hear journalists saying that the New York Auto Show is boring or not as good as other auto shows. I disagree. Vehemently. How can you say a show is bad when it’s the premiere show for commuter cars in the entire world and when Christian Von Koenigsegg brings his two most Frankenstinian creations to date? Were the parties not as good? Less cool reveals than Geneva? Spare me.


You’re all wrong. NYIAS is a great show for reasons exactly like the ones I stated above. Especially the one about CVK bringing not only the Regera, but also the One:1. We were lucky enough to see him speak about these ridiculous cars, front row and center.

Here’s the full press conference.

I cannot describe the attention to detail these cars have. Should I suddenly find my self with hundreds of millions of dollars at my disposal, a Koenigsegg will be my first purchase.


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