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Hennessey Just Dynoed The Exorcist Camaro For 959 Demon Slaying Wheel Horse Power

Mother of god. I think that’s the only phrase that comes to mind when I hear a near 1000 horsepower Camaro. When Hennessey announced the Exorcist, we all knew it was pointed directly at the Dodge Demon. Yea, fine, the Exorcist isn’t a production car but in all honesty the Demon as we know it is BARELY a production car. It’s a drag specialist that was purpose built to do one thing, go fast in a straight line. Same with the Exorcist

Hennessey really isn’t concerned with cornering. I think that’s readily apparent. So when Hennessey started building the Exorcist, we can pretty much surmise that the Demon was the target. Demon, Exorcist, get it. GET IT!? Of course you did. And now, they’ve beaten the Demon by 119 WHP. How do we know this? Hennessey just dynoed this monster.

This thing sounds glorious and the number as massively impressive. While the Demon makes 770 lb/ft of torque, the Exorcist makes only 14 less at 756. That won’t equate to much on the drag strip. Speaking of that, the Demon may have a bit on the Exorcist due do it’s skinny front tires, drag radials out back, and weight reduction that you can do with some simple tools. But that extra 119 HP in a likely lighter package makes for an interesting matchup. With similar tires, the Exorcist would stomp the Demon on paper. However, with some normal-ish tires, it might be a fair fight and really close.

Who is going to own these two things? We want to get in touch with you to set this new rivalry straight!


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