Twin Turbo Corvette Destroyed Everything At The Drag Strip, Including Itself

Something about seeing cars go down a short straight track gives any bystander a rush of adrenaline. Seeing those cars go down a 1/8 mile track and achieving more than 200 mph in the process is enough make anyone wonder how that’s even possible. Competing in the Radial Vs The World  event at Lights Out 8, where pretty much anything goes, a Twin Turbo Corvette with a Chevy block and a Hemi head made an appearance and destroyed anyone in its path. Up until the engine busted one of its pistons:

The Corvette broke the highest miles per hour on a radial record not once but TWICE during Light Out 8, first by running 212.36 mph and then topping that off with 212.69 mph! Making good passes all weekend things were looking great until the Corvette suffered a hurt piston in the semi final against Stevie FAST in the Shadow 2.0. The team behind the car and other racers made a huge effort tearing the motor apart and put it together before the 10pm curfew just in time for the final with only minutes to spare!

The video put together by 1320Video shows the stunning accomplishment by this twin turbo Corvette.

(Source: 1320Video)


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