The Raptor Is Far More Than Just Another Pick Up

The Ford Raptor is more than just an off-road ready pick up. Although we know and love the Raptor for its off-road ability it offers far more than that. It’s the full suite of luxury features that make it the ultimate pick up. The Raptor can comfortably take you to work during the week and destroy an off-road course on the weekends without breaking a sweat. All of these features add up and the Raptors hefty price tag of $65,000 seems like a lot for an F-150. Luckily our friend Doug DeMuro is on the case to see if a Raptor is really worth $65,000.

Today pickup trucks are more than just work vehicles. They’re aspirational objects for auto enthusiast who prefer utility and off-road performance. Even if they’re just interested in the look of a rugged offroader, the Ford Raptor is king. All of this off-road ability is complemented by a comfortable, quiet, well-appointed cabin. As Doug quickly discovers the Ford Raptor is a quiet comfortable luxury car fit for serious off- road use.

The new Ford Raptor is powered by a 3.5-liter turbocharged V-6 engine that produces 450 horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque mated to 10-speed automatic transmission. This advanced drivetrain sounds more suited for a sports car rather than a 5696 lb pickup truck. Even with this porky curb weight the Raptor reaches 60 in only 5.0 seconds and returns a combined MPG of 16. The engine isn’t what makes the Raptor special.

The reason you buy a Raptor, aside from the street cred at Home Depot, is the chassis. A reinforced frame is built to survive off-road punishment with real skid plates guarding engine vitals. Fox Racing shocks allow you to live out your Baja dreams. These purpose built shocks provide 13 inches if travel in the front and 13.9 inches in the rear. Even better, they offer a comfortable compliant ride on the road.

Ford didn’t stop at hardware either. There’s a host of electronic aids to keep you safe when you “Raptor” over your talent level. Different driving modes adjust how the car reacts to throttle inputs and controls the traction control system to name a few. Besides the driving modes, Ford included 360 degrees of cameras and even an auto trailer backup feature. The Raptor comes with every safety feature you’d expect to find on a modern day luxury car.

The Raptor is a well-rounded performance Pickup for the modern age. If offers the incredible off-road performance we’ve come to expect from the Raptor with added luxury and refinement. It’s easy to pigeonhole the Raptor and nothing more than a shouty toy.  But it’s far more than that, it’s a Ford GT for the Dirt and at $65,000 it’s well worth it.

Image Via Road and Track


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