The Death Of The Viper Gets A Fitting Tribute

The current automotive landscape might look pretty bleak for the enthusiast. The crossover dominates new car sales and the Viper gets discontinued. Those two events is a microcosmic representation of the current state of the automotive industry. In an age where people care less and less about cars, manufacturers appeal more broadly to the masses, while cars that turn heads line up for the chopping block. Thankfully, there are still plenty of automotive enthusiast that care, and they’ve given the death of the Dodge Viper a fitting tribute.

This segment first aired during the Dodge Demon live reveal party, right before the New York International Auto Show. The positioning of this video prior to the Demon’s reveal reminded us of the Phoenix: the bird that continually dies and rises from the ashes of its predecessor. This isn’t to say the Demon will be a better track day car than the Viper ACR, but it certainly reminds us that as long as there are enthusiasts willing to buy these products, companies will still try and sell them.

In case you missed the live reveal of the Dodge Demon, you can see it here where they did the Demon’s first ever burnout

(Source: Pennzoil)


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