This Summer Hagerty Will Teach Young People How To Drive Manual For Free

Driving stick is becoming rarer by the minute. As young people eschew the row your own gearboxes for familiar automatics classic car enthusiasm is in jeopardy. Although the situation seems hopeless, the team at Hagerty is doing their part to educate the next generation. This summer they will teach people between the ages of 15-25 how to operate a car with a manual transmission.

It’s vital that today’s enthusiasts reach out to younger generations. If we cannot capture the interest of young people, I fear the fate of today’s classic cars. Learning to drive a manual transmission is not difficult but, many interested parties find it hard to find cars to learn on. Setting aside an afternoon to teach young people about driving a manual transmission will foster vital car enthusiasm for the future.

Our Job as enthusiasts is to spread the word about this program and any program like this. Hagerty invites you to come learn or even teach people how to drive manual. The class is only on the West Coast but I’m sure a strong turnout will bring them across the nation. Even if you can’t help in person spread the word, share a post, and save classic cars.


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