How Larini Fixes The McLaren 540C’s Biggest Problem

The McLaren 540C has a big problem. Sure it produces respectable power and drives like a supercar but, it doesn’t sound like one. Supercars are meant to stimulate all our senses and the stock 540C misses the mark. To remedy this issue Sam from Seen Through Glass is fitting his 540C with an exhaust. This isn’t just any exhaust, this is a $3,500 exhaust system from Larini.

Exhaust systems are more than just metal pipes. They project the voice of your car and help give it soul. Whether you like the scream of a V12 or the rumble of a V8 we can all agree exhaust sounds are important. Except for fart can Hondas, nobody likes those. I’ve spent hours with friends listening to exhaust clips on Youtube but what does it take to make a good exhaust?

Well, the people at Larini have some experience.  Larini got its start making exhaust systems for Italian and British racing cars. These systems had to be light, durable, and sound good for the fans. This experience and passion translate well to road cars. Supercar owners demand high-quality aftermarket parts and companies like Larini are happy to deliver. The system fitted to Sam’s 540C isn’t some hack job. They design bespoke exhausts to fit every supercar you can think of for some very satisfying results.

An engine at full revs evokes emotional responses in all people. Whether it’s the passion of car enthusiasts or the breaking point of an annoyed neighbor sounds travels. The silent cars of tomorrow make exhaust notes all the more special. Soon the sound of hot exhaust gasses escaping a combustion engine will be a distant memory. But for now, let’s enjoy the sound of a twin turbo V8 through an expensive exhaust.


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