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Corvette ZR1 Spotted In The Ring With A Strange Looking Exhaust

There’s very little information out there about the new ZR1, the king of all Corvettes. The only thing we know is that it’ll be a faster, have more grip, and possibly lighter than the existing top of the line Z06 Corvette. Thankfully, until more information is known, a video of the new ZR1 blasting around the Nürburgring is finally available online. Thanks to the guys at Stateside Supercars, the highly camouflaged ZR1 was captured clearing its throat at the Green Hell.

What we can gather from the footage is a general idea of what the Corvette ZR1 will have. It will require a massive wing to generate more downforce and grip, it will require a much larger hood bulge to hide a presumably more potent supercharger, and it will have a redesigned front fascia to help feed it some air. What we also noticed was the very strange exhaust coming out of the back. This might have more to do with the Nürburgring’s sound level limitations than any actual new exhaust engineering and testing, but you never know. With respect to the engine size, horsepower figures, track width, and all sorts of technical parameters, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Despite the sound deadening exhaust dampers, there is an undeniably American V8 roaring beneath the hood, ensuring all fans that the biggest and baddest Corvette is not much different than prior generations. However, there is a rumor going around that the new engine will sport a dual overhead cam setup. What that means is reduced cam inertia and possibly more aggressive intake and exhaust valve designs. This change will surely help at higher RPM ranges where the ZR1 probably intends to operate most of its life. One thing is for sure the European challengers should start to take notice and make some upgrades.

(Source: Stateside Supercars)


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