The Longest Burnout You’ll Ever See. And Yes This Was From A Hellcat

Hold on there, Dodge Demon. We see that you’re the new big bad wolf in town. You’re good, but you’re not in production yet. So you can hold your 840 horses, and let the Dodge Hellcat have their glory. If you need a more sobering look at what 707 horsepower will really do, then you need to take a look at this gigantic burnout that’s held all the way up to seventh gear from its eight speed automatic transmission.

We’re not sure where this burnout was held, but the YouTube description gave a short greeting from Poland. So we’re glad that the Europeans don’t mind the taste of dark tire roast of American Muscle. Luckily there was no pedestrians or traffic during the tire slaying time, except for the lone camera man who captured the glorious burnout.

Has there been a better time to love American muscle cars? I think not!

If you haven’t seen the Dodge Demon’s first ever burnout, here it is:

(Source: YouTube)


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