When A Semi Truck Cuts You Off, It’s A Nightmare For Everybody

Talking about putting other people’s lives in great danger. It’s one thing for someone to cut you off in traffic at the very last minute in their car. It’s a whole different story when that car is actually an 80,000 pound rolling steel brick of a semi truck. This instance happened in Sydney, Australia in a fairly busy stretch of road. The dashcam footage was captured by another truck driver who was appalled at the entire thing “I was driving my heavy vehicle at the time, with my Dash Cam recording another truck driver, driving like a maniac. When I pulled over and immediately uploaded it to my mobile device.”

The offending semi truck was driving on the fast lane of a three lane highway. Upon approaching the intersection, filled with other commuters, the semi truck driver aggressively braked, slid, and forced their way into the turning lane. This process could have gone wrong in so many different ways. Perhaps they could have not stopped in time and plowed into the cars sitting in traffic, or they could have smashed into cars adjacent to the truck or its trailer. Regardless, this was a completely reckless act. It’s a good thing the other motorists recognized this and stayed out of the way.

(H/T: Carscoops)


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