Dumb Jeep Music Video Deserves An A For Effort

The whole STOMP craze flourished in the 90s and lasted for a couple of decades. Personally, I thought the music itself wasn’t good enough to live in the garbage cans they were stomping on. Why would you pay good money to listen to rhythmic banging and clanging when you can achieve the same effect by putting a bowling ball in the dryer? So when this music style came back in automotive form, I decided to give it a listen, and see what this Rudy Mancuso dude can do.

The musical instrument in the video is some sort of a JK Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Though that doesn’t really matter as any car can be used to do this. Doors clunk, horns beep, windows whir, and blinkers tick-tock. Combine those sounds in some sort of predictable order with some syncopation and you too can be a YouTube sensation! But is it any good? No.

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The music sucks and the sounds from the various effects don’t seem at all authentic. But the effort into making the video should be commended. For starters, this is only one dude, and he managed to quadruple himself through seamless editing. The editing alone must have also taken ages. Come check it out for yourself:

(Source: Rudy Mancuso)


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