This Is A 3D Printed Serpentine Belt. And Someone Put It On Their Car.

3D printing has come a long way from it’s humble roots. Well, it’s never really been humble in the technological realm. The thought, programming, and engineering that goes in to these printers is staggering and well beyond my simpleton brain. Hell they’ve even 3D printed a human heart valve model.

However, it is fascinating how the application of 3D printing can translate to automotive realm. Local motors became the first company to 3D print an entire car. And it even worked and moved just like a real car. But what about parts for cars? Koenigsegg has 3D printed a turbo, but we’re unsure if that would hold up over the long term. Well someone decided to find out if a normal, everyday, crucial engine element could be 3D printed at home.

Everyone, here is what happens when you 3D print a serpentine belt and try to get a car running with it.

Notice that the car ran, but it wasn’t exactly very supportive, stable, or reliable. The belt was disintegrating. But this actually holds a lot of promise for the future of 3D printing for home repairs. Someday in my lifetime, I’m willing to be that you can buy a 3D printer, print yourself a serpentine belt, and if you have the knowhow replace it yourself in your driveway.

Do you guys think this could happen soon?


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