This 2,500 HP Nissan Patrol Sets A Record While Losing Its Doors

Sometimes, weird can be good. This is definitely one of those times. These crazy Australians at team AAP built a Patrol for the drag strip that seems to be more turbo than motor.

It’s a little tough to tell what’s been done to the Patrol besides the turbo and bodywork. If you have a clue, leave it in the comments. All I know is it hits 206 miles per hour in the half mile. And the turbo whistle makes it sound like a 747.

The thing ripped a door off. We’re not even talking suicide doors, either. Just a regular old door got sacrificed to the drag strip gods in this run. I’m stupid enough to ride a motorcycle, and I probably wouldn’t get in this thing. Someone in the video made the comment that the Patrol isn’t really even that lowered, and I’d have to agree that its ride height is rather surprising. That shifting method is new to me, too. What do they call it? “The Ripper?”

Too bad we can’t get these mod-friendly SUVs in the states. We’d probably turn them into abominable crossovers anyway. Oh, and the best comment on the video: “way faster than my honda.” Duly noted, john martin.


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