Your Engine Block Isn’t Ready For This 5,000 Horsepower Shot Of Nitrous

“DANGER TO MANIFOLD!” That’s what the computer in Brian O’Conner’s 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse said when he gave it a healthy shot of nitrous. Somehow it resulted in his car going into Flintstone mode, where the car’s floor gave way and the engine melted itself. That got us into thinking, “What exactly happens when you inject your engine block with a shot of nitrous?” Thankfully, there’s a video for that!

Thanks to the guys from Nitrous Express, provider of all things nitrous oxide related, they did a demonstration of what an equivalent 5,000 horsepower shot of nitrous looks like. This presentation looks a little over the top, but when you consider how fast your engine is rotating and how much air it has to intake during these high horsepower moments, it makes a lot of sense. While there may not actually be danger to manifold, injecting this much additional air volume does mean your engine is spinning at a much higher rate. And at those higher loads and stresses, something will eventually give way, it always does.

Now, if we can only fit this into the most badass engine you probably don’t know about.

(Source: Torqueline Garage)


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