Here’s Exactly How You Pronounce Citroën, Porsche, And Other Car Brands

I’m not afraid to admit that I get lazy sometimes and pronounce Porsche without the bravado and flair of the “UHHHH” at the end. Nobody is perfect. It’s not Porsh, it’s Prosche-UHHHH. There’s a few other brands where its pronunciation isn’t as clear because of the diverse native tongues of the world. How do you pronounce Citroën? Is it Citron like the drink, or do you pronounce every letter?

So who better at setting the record straight and pronouncing car brands than the actual Public Relations people of that company?’s YouTube channel just went around an auto show to understand how the brands are pronounced. See how many you actually got correct.

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If you got some wrong, don’t worry. Some of them sound a bit heavy on the accent.



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