Mistaking Brake For Gas Pedal Caught On Camera. Lands Car In The Oddest Place

Mistaking the brake pedal for the accelerator is a common mistake for the elderly, but this time it happened to a seemingly capable and sober adult. Unlike most pedal mistake accidents that result in slight fender benders, this one resulted in the Honda CR-V landing on top of a roof. According to the driver:

“The speed was 70 kilometers per hour at that time. A tricycle appeared all of the sudden. And I turned north only to find that a car was coming in my direction. And I stepped on the accelerator accidentally and changed my direction.”

The footage shows the entire crash, but it doesn’t show the complete story shared by the CR-V driver. It does show that a three-wheeled vehicle might have turned into the intersection carelessly, resulting in the CR-V swerving out of the way. Maybe the driver was a bit inexperienced in the art of the Scandinavian Flick because throttle application and a lot of counter-steering would have resulted in a beautiful front wheel drive drift. Instead this fail ended with a car on a roof.

(Source: CCTV+)


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