Just What Was The Transaxle Era? Porsche Explains

Porsche gets a bad rap for being the car for wealthier folks. The 911’s rear-engined flat six cylinder pumping out over 370 horses and generating a 0-62 mph time of a hair under four and a half seconds, is typically destined for treks to the office and an occasional trip to the beach house. But behind the six-figure status symbol stands a history richly intertwined in motorsports. To remind their consumers and others of this, Porsche has started producing the 9:11 Magazine. A video consisting of several parts of Porsche’s history arranged in nine minute and eleven second episodes.

In the first episode, the Porsche 9:11 Magazine began with a short documentary on Walter Rörhl, about the time he flew thru a foggy stretch in Arganil. If you’re into motivational life tips and great words of encouragement, here’s one from the master himself:

You let passion, meticulousness take control and that creates self-confidence. But you still need the courage to do it.

The other interesting piece of the episode is the explanation of the Porsche’s Transaxle Era. It all began in 1976 when a collaboration between Porsche and Volkswagen to build transaxle vehicles fell apart at the last minute. Porsche seems like they have a chip on their shoulder, as they claimed that they “courageously decided to continue the project.” What was produced was something that gave the masses access to the Porsche brand, and something that was exhilarating to drive. The 928, the 944, and the 968 were the byproducts of this era and are now considered collectors items by many enthusiasts.

(Source: 9:11 Magazine)


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