Will The New Tires Make Formula 1 More Exciting Than Ever Before?

Photo: REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

Formula 1 is off to a cracking start with Mercedes actually not winning a race. That’s good for the sport. The more parity, the better. But many were upset because, still, it was more of a procession than actual racing. You’d think after 20+ year of processional racing on the whole people would become a bit used to it. I personally am, and I get my hardcore racing from the much more exciting GT3 series’, but I can see the argument.

One on hand you have Formula 1 as the top tier racing series in the world. It has been this way for many decades. You wouldn’t be considered insane to expect some passing and excitement after the first lap or two. NASCAR gets a bad rap from purist racing fans, but having 20+ cars on the lead lap with five laps to go in Daytona 500, all with the possibility of winning, is pretty exciting.

Formula 1 made many changes this year and there have been mixed reviews about them all. But the single greatest equalizer could be the tires.

The tires, and to a certain extent the aero packages, will make teams think and re-think strategy every minute of every race. This was seen with Lewis Hamilton coming in early for a pit stop and gifting the lead to Sebastian Vettel, who never gave it back. Thus, Mercs first race of the season was also it’s first loss. Not what we expected.

I believe tire strategy will help F1 become a bit more exciting in the point standings. Maybe not so much on track and that might not be enough for some, but it’s a start.


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