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This GTR Achieves The Unthinkable – Six Seconds

“You owe me a ten second car” was one of the cheesiest lines in one of the cheesiest movies of all time. And at that time ten seconds to finish a quarter mile was quite the achievement. Don’t get me wrong, that timeframe is still an admirable feat. However, with new supercars, special edition muscle cars, and Hellcat this and Demon that, the quest for ten second quarter miles are becoming more and more accessible to the masses.

So what does this mean for the competitive automotive world? The goalposts have to be moved a little bit farther. With the latest world record setting Nissan GT-R from Alpha Performance, the new cheesy line should be “You owe me a six second car.” From AMS Performance’s YouTube channel:

This week was one of Alpha Performance’s toughest yet. Battling a small engine fire, a motor swap, sleepless nights, and long days we are happy to say the #QuestForSixes is officially over. The Diamonds By Wire Alpha Performance Alpha G set a new World Record and completed the GT-R R35 dynasty; 9,8,7, and finally the 6’s.

(Source: AMS Performance)


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