This Is The Definition Of Grassroots Motorsport

Every year, a bunch of dudes in what looks like the middle of nowhere get together and put on a race in a field. The cars have only one restriction: they must cost less than $300. That’s it.

Their majestic track is titled the “Nerdbergring.” It’s a snowy field with some lanes plowed in. If the video is an accurate portrayal of the LeMeLons, the three hours of racing are action packed with understeering into snowbanks and broken down beaters. The door-to-door racing looks like an absolute blast. If we’ve learned anything from watching slightly more organized grassroots events such as NASA Rally, it’s that the magic of the event is the teamwork required to stay competitive on a budget.

These guys do have it together. Cars get towed when they’re stuck, drivers get “firedrill” penalties, and the start of the LeMeLons involves drivers running to their cars. The question is how long from an event’s conception until sponsorship starts becoming a thing? After all, NASCAR started in a similar fashion.

Let us know in the comments below what kind of car you’d bring to the Three Hours of LeMeLons. For me, it would probably be a domestic or JDM front-wheel-drive crapbox with an automatic transmission. Before you attack for the choice of transmission, remember: under $300!


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