Custom Shop Now Offers Mustangs With Actual Mustang Horse Bits In It

On a scale of one to gross, this is pretty disgusting. And weird. And so many other descriptive adjectives that I can’t quite formulate in my head right now.

Ford makes the Mustang. Duh. Everyone knows this. The logo for the Mustang is a horse. Again, duh. Everyone knows this. Phillip Thomas Clark came up with the logo for the car’s original launch back in 1964. The logo came about as a combination on the name of the car (Mustang) and the power of the car coupled with the American spirit. Hence, the horse Mustang logo was born.

It’s been an enduring icon in muscle cars for decades. And now, a custom shop is taking the horse logo a bit further. Vilner Beijing will now build you a Mustang car with actual Mustang hair in it.


Yes, that is real horse hair on the seats. Yuck.

Based on a 2015 5.0-liter V8 Mustang GT which produces 416-horsepower, the client requested the leather in the seats to be authentically sourced from a real Mustang horse. “He wanted not only a genuine leather but a leather from a real mustang horse. Complete with the hair…” the press release proudly states. Really? “This is a real Mustang, I want the leather to be from a mustang as well,” the customer defiantly told the styling house. While much of the interior is adorned with hand-crafted horse leather, Vilner says that there are patches of horse hair on the sides of the seats. Vilner even admits that using real horse hair is bound to cause controversy.

Ya think? Thankfully, that’s where the hair ends. The door panels, steering wheel, and roof are lined with a combination of leather and alcantara. The rest of the car looks good, but man is this weird.

Would you ever order a car like this? Personally, hell no. You don’t honor something by putting its hair in a car. That’s some movie style creepiness.

(Source: Car Buzz)


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