People Freaked Out About The Model 3 Having No Dash. Elon Musk’s Responses Are Priceless.

Confirmed by Elon Musk, the all-electric company’s latest model will only be available with the center console display. It’s similar to what is on the current Model S.

This is in line with what was shown at the Model 3’s reveal. A steering wheel against a plain dash with a central display showing vehicle info, as shown in the pictures below.

Musk doesn’t seem very sympathetic toward those asking for at least a heads-up display on the vehicle to bring vehicle info into a more immediately visible area for the driver.

Judging by this tweet from Musk, it sounds like the Model 3 is aimed at less driver engagement and more autopilot nonsense. Rather disappointing given the current gripes of lack of available manual transmission and weight gains for the rest of the auto market.

His other responses are also blunt and hilarious.

That last one is a RTFM level tweet.

His point is understood. Teslas are becoming transportation appliances à la Prius. Lifeless “taxis” to add to the hubbub of transportation infrastructure. This represents a negative trend of driver’s car fun from the original Roadster. On top of that, the Model 3’s interior design is simply uninspiring. A great example of a company undergoing cost-cutting exercises. As someone who was driving a Model S when the center display bugged out, the thought of losing all relevant vehicle info with no backup gauges is rather disturbing.

Meanwhile, the dinosaur-burning market alternatives are looking more attractive. At $35,000, the Model 3 is comparable to more engaging cars such as the Ford Focus RS, Subaru BRZ/WRX, etc. Though they’ll never taxi you around.


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