5 Cars That Deserve A Spec Racing Series

Nothing beats a spec racing series. Drivers in equal cars relying on skills for a podium. The poster child of spec racing is the Mazda Miata. This cheap RWD racecar is the affordable way to track a sports car. Rather than let the Miata have all the fun there’s plenty of room for other spec racing series. Below is a list of 5 fun, cheap, and unusual cars we wish had spec racing series.

Fiat 500 Abarth

Today the Fiat 500 Abarth is a dirt cheap hot hatch. With relatively low miles you can buy a number of used Abarths making them the perfect expendable racer. The 500 Abarth is fun in stock form. But once you remove the useless back seats and interior you can enjoy a featherweight hot hatch racecar. Also, think of how good these races will sound.


Maybe this is too similar to the Spec Miata. But there’s always room for a racing series dedicated to a cheap RWD sports car. No matter what you call it this composed sports car is coming down in value. Maybe not cheap Miata money yet, but there’s a bright future for racing these cars. A completely stripped down FR-S/GT-86/BRZ is the perfect racecar for someone tired of Miatas.


The 350Z is insanely cheap. This powerful V6 RWD coupe would be a more exciting alternative to the Miata. With around 290 horsepower in various trims, there’s more than enough power for interesting racing. These cars are also very reliable and sound great for a V6. There’s a huge supply of used 350Z all we need is some organization.

Volvo 240

The Volvo 240 is the perfect first rally cross car. These cheap Swedish tanks can handle just about anything. They make great first rally cars due to their extremely low prices and safety. Nothing could beat a field of RWD Volvo Bricks tearing up a local race track or field.

Civic Si

The Civic Si has always been a dynamic wonder. Although it lacks horsepower it makes up for it with good handling dynamics and low cost of entry. The 8th gen Civic Si is the perfect candidate for a Spec racing series. Let’s give true N/A V-Tech power a proper send off with a Civic Si race series.

What do you guys think? Are these spot on or just stupid? What other cars did we miss?

Let us hear it below.


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