Honda Buys Ferrari And Makes Drastic Changes Throughout Entire Lineup

Breaking news out of Italy/Japan and it’s so big that your head may explode. There is semi-confirmed, almost-proof that Honda has not only bought Ferrari, but also that Honda and Ferrari have been secretly working on an SUV for the past 3 years under everyone’s nose.

Below is a spy pic of the car in question.


As you can plainly see, Honda has taken its breathtaking CR-V platform and applied Ferrari’s design language to create something truly amazing. The model will be called the 702 GTB 2plus2superslow arrivederci. This can only be described as an absolute stunner as Ferrari Chairman Sergio Marchionne said last year that he would rather be shot than make an SUV. No reports yet on Marchionne’s death, so we’re confident that was only a front for this massive merger.

Now you can get legendary Honda reliability throughout the Ferrari lineup, but Honda has said that they will still allow some cars to catch on fire from time to time in an effort to “keep to tradition” and “not take the soul out of the sterling Ferrari name.” We think this is a good idea.

There’s also been a spy shot on the road of the newest model to come in their lineup, a yet to be named crossover. Here’s the EXCLUSIVE photo.


In our no way expert opinion, it seems as if they are attempting to bring back the Testarossa nameplate! We’re supremely excited for this and will have up to the minute information on this as soon as we can.

The merger was rumored to be done on the back end of the FCA deal to buy Ferrari. This also brings in union two of the most storied racing brands ever to exist. It should bring about a car that defies the laws of physics and time.

We think it’s a great match and can’t wait to see what they produce.

(Source: Enrico Palazzo)


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