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HOW TO: Change Your Blinker Fluid

We’re sorry. Well not really, they were pretty fun to write. A few of our posts from today were not true. We’ll let you, the good readers, decipher which ones were untruthful [HINT: all of them]. This is a pretty big tradition for internet based auto journals and it wasn’t just us getting in on the act. Here’s our favorite.

You tube channel Chris Fix (a seriously good channel for car DIY tips and tricks) decided to fool us all and create a pretty hilarious video. It’s about how to change your blinker fluid. If you’ve ever been on an automotive forum for DIY projects or for forums dedicated to specific makes and models, you’ve heard the term before. Here’s Chris telling you how to do it the correct way. Don’t listen to the forums, they don’t know!

(Source: YouTube)


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