“Real People. Not Actors” Parody Sums Up Everything We Hate About This Stupid Commercial

Almost all car commercials suck. There’s a few that’s worthy of your 30 seconds of life, but there’s a high chance that the one you’re watching is a company’s lame attempt at capturing that “feeling” of driving said car. The worst car commercial in existence right now is undoubtedly the “Real People. Not Actors” set of commercials produced by Chevrolet.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Chevy cars themselves, we actually like a lot of them. But we can’t imagine the caves where Chevy has extracted these “Real People” from, to produce such asinine opinions. The worst of this horrific ad campaign has to be the “Emojis” ad.

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The ad gathered a set of, totally not random and totally not ugly, millennials (the target demographic for the Chevy Cruze) to respond with what they feel about the car in emojis. The combination of millennial entitlement, stupidity, and nonchalant hipster ignorance, quickly sends my blood to a boil. Enough where I never want to buy a Chevrolet product again, out of spite.

Thankfully, someone has made a parody of this exact commercial. And it captures the exact sentiments we feel. Give it a watch below and then watch the real ad for comparison:

And the real thing:

(Source: YouTube)


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