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PREDICTION: Chris Evans Will Be Fired From Top Gear At The End Of The Season. Here’s Why.

Let’s get one thing straight, Chris Evans is still very much employed by the BBC. He’s still the lead host of Top Gear. He’s still making gobs of money. So don’t use this as a basis to say that Shifting Lanes is spewing lies. We’re not. This is simply a prediction that I am making based on a number of factors.

Factor numero uno on the long list of complaints from the seemingly all knowing public is that Evans is a, and I’m quoting here, “Ginger Twat.” This isn’t really an argument. Instead, let’s look at his credentials. Chris Evans, before the season started, seemed like a really smart choice to be the lead host. He is a MEGA car guy and has a collection that includes a McLaren 675 LT and a plethora of Ferraris that includes a 1961 250 GT California Sypder. He clearly knows what’s up. So at face value, he was perfect.

Actually, this was a horrible casting choice from day one. Evan is a radio god and has the credentials to back up that claim. His show gets over 10 million viewers on average and his voice is well suited for the invisible airwaves. But on TV, he just looks awkward. Everything from his outfits to his mannerisms just seems off. Now look, Clarkson, Hammond, and May weren’t male models by any stretch of the imagination, but, turns out, they have presence. Evans just doesn’t. He being outshone by two YouTubers. Granted, those two YT’ers are some of the best in the business and they’ve had years of experience behind the cameras.

In my honest opinion, Evans will be off the show by the end of Season 1 which brings me to my second point: chemistry. Shows like Top Gear tend to come and go and ebb and flow until they get the right balance. Top Gear went through several iterations before C, H, & M got on the right track. Once that happened, they soared. This is a bit of shoehorning they’re trying to do.

It won’t be because of ratings, but you’ve all already paid the BBC your yearly money to watch. It’ll be because of the complaining and the BBC will cave faster than a house of cards in a mosh pit. The BBC wants to save face with the people. “We’re the network of the people,” they’ll say. So they’ll fire Evans and make it a 3 man squad as it was in the past, stirring the pot for another successful recipe.

It won’t be the same and you’ve all made that apparently clear, but it can be different in a new a fun way. Clear our Evans, Schmitz, and Eddie Jordan and you have the makings of a pretty good show. LeBlanc has stage presence and will continue to improve with seasoned presenter vets around him like Reid and Harris. The show CAN go on, but the BBC need to wise up and make it the show we know it can be. Evans is that first domino.

I think Evans will be gone, but what about you? Agree? Disagree? Think I’M a ginger twat? Let me have it in the comments.


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