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Top Gear To Chris Evans: Deal With Changes Or Leave!

The latest bit of news about the massive migraine that is new Top Gear is that the BBC’s entertainment boss, Kate Phillips, has been in discussion with Chris Evans regarding his behavior and general frosty nature toward his colleagues. A source within Top Gear has shared:

He’s now going to be told there will be changes and if he doesn’t like it then he should go.

Kate Phillips, who was recently appointed as Entertainment Commissioning Controller, has the experience of taking other British shows globally during her role at BBC Worldwide. She has overseen entertainment titles such as Strictly Come Dancing, The Great British Bake Off, The Office, and even Top Gear itself. So she seems to have the experience to make shows successful outside of the UK. The source continues:

Matt is more well-known and popular with the audiences, so Chris will take a back seat like he did towards the end of the series.

The other presenters will have a more prominent role and it will be seen as an ensemble rather than Chris and his team.

top gear leblanc ariel nomadBased on what we’ve seen in the debut, the second episode, the BEST episode, the fourth, and the fifth, we have a concrete idea of who deserves the top three hosting positions as they gear up to face The Grand Tour coming out in the fall of 2016. The current season will wrap up with the sixth and last episode on July 3rd, while shooting for the second series has been planned to resume in September. However, there has been some significant events that puts that schedule at great risk, such as Matt LeBlanc’s bombshell ultimatum announcement, and the BBC’s search for a new executive to take creative control AWAY from Evans.

Top-Gear-new-largeWe shared a bold prediction of what will happen to Chris Evans by the end of the first season, and that is becoming more of a possibility as each day progresses. The fact is there’s a lot of turmoil and uncertainty as the Top Gear team struggles with dwindling ratings, despite the slight improvement on the fifth episode. We have mentioned in the past that while it won’t be as good as the original, everyone should give new Top Gear a chance. And after five episodes the fans have spoken and have shown their dissatisfaction by watching something else. It’s clear what the BBC has to do, and with this latest firm stance from BBC’s Kate Phillips, we feel Chris Evans massive ego may just lead him out the door.

(Source: Express)


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