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Host Plans On Quitting Top Gear If Chris Evans Stays

The rumors about the souring love affair amongst the new Top Gear crew turns out to be true all along! Months ago we heard reports about a rift developing between hosts Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans, maybe because of the Cenotaph stunt that generated a lot of negative criticism from the public, or the producers’ desire to attract U.S. viewers by picking LeBlanc, or just Evans’ general unpleasantness around the set. Or perhaps a combination of all of the gear episode 4 leblanc evans harrisNow the Telegraph has another report that solidified earlier rumors. According to their sources:

Matt’s indicated he won’t continue on any further series if Chris remains

Apparently LeBlanc has been concerned about Evans’ rudeness towards the other members of the Top Gear crew and that he’s difficult and frustrating to work with. According to the Sun:

Matt has grown increasingly frustrated with his co-star’s rudeness and frosty attitude towards the team.

…he delivered a crushing ultimatum by announcing he will have no part in any future series that features Chris.

His declaration has left BBC bosses – who have already agreed to pay Matt for two series – with no choice but to pick one host over the other.

And it is believed a second Top Gear series, due to begin filming in September, may be shelved while they make their final decision.

The question now is what will the BBC do to fix the show as ratings continue to plummet? From the episodes we have seen thus far, we have an idea where the show needs to go next. It’s clear Chris Evans must be let go, as the BBC already planned on reducing his air time and letting others take the lead. LeBlanc, despite his lethargic nature on screen is still entertaining in a not so obnoxious fashion. Rory Reid and Chris Harris are the true gems of the show as they have displayed natural talent for driving and entertaining in front of the camera. Finally, Sabine Schmitz and Eddie Jordan, who seems to be the worst presenter of the group, should get the axe as they don’t add as much entertainment value as they do with the cringe factor.

So who will the BBC keep and who will they let go? Stay tuned as this develops!

(Source: Telegraph & Sun)


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