Chris Evans Firing More Likely As BBC Looks For New Producer

#CHREXIT is the latest phrase being thrown around Top Gear’s fanbase, calling for the Chris Evans’ departure from the struggling rebooted show. Reports are floating around that the BBC executives are searching internally for a new producer to save the show from falling viewership. According to Express:

It is said they’re also hoping the new addition will be able to take over from Chris regarding the creative direction of the series.

An unnamed source revealed: “Chris was in complete creative control for a long time and it hasn’t worked.

“The fact that the BBC is now hiring shows real intent, that it’s about being an ensemble and not all about Chris.”

They told The Sun: “They are clearly very embarrassed by all of this and are not advertising the job externally.”

It comes as the show’s ratings rose for the first time this series.

But despite 2.7million tuning in to Sunday night’s instalment, viewers were still less than impressed with Chris.

Fans of the revamped show called for a “Chrexit” and took to social media to ask the BBC for a Top Gear referendum.

top-gear-chris-evansThis is big news considering Matt LeBlanc has given an ultimatum to the BBC executives last week that either he goes or Chris Evans goes, and shows that the BBC might be leaning towards the ousting of the Radio personality in order to save the American host.

A spokesperson for Top Gear told the Express:

We’re adding a Series Producer to the team because Top Gear is a huge show and we have even greater ambitions for the next series.

Top Gear TrailerBBC is not about to let the once highest rated show on television go to the dumps, despite its sinking ratings. They’ve heard the Top Gear fans loud and clear and seem to be taking appropriate steps to gain back their favor. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: There’s some truly talented presenters within the Top Gear crew right now, and we can think of three that deserves the top spots.

(Source: Express)


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