Dodge Viper Thinks It’s A Mustang And Wrecks Attempting To Leave Cars & Coffee

Hey, at least it’s not a Mustang this time, right? Instead of being hungry for crowds, though, the Viper heads straight for the the trees in the median. This stands up as evidence that choosing a Mustang is the environmentally conscious thing to do.

What happened? We’re not entirely sure. Maybe raw horsepower and cold tires was the trick to the formula. Too much cash and not enough skill? Whatever the reason, it’s a shame to see another Viper go out like that. Especially after the news we’ve received of the Viper being discontinued.

Reddit user /u/wtfwasthatdave notes he was feet away from the curb when it happened in Knoxville, TN. Please, don’t be a turd when leaving car meets. PSI imbalance on your rear tires could be really embarrassing and expensive. The ownership experience of most vehicles should include initiative on the part of the owner to understand performance driving. Ideally. This would happen less.

Crying shame. By the way, FCA: bring back this car. Not so more people can crash it. Because the Hellcat is the hero we deserve, but not the hero we need. In the meantime, there might be a parts car Viper out there. V10 swapped Ram Rebel, anyone?

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