Ford Has Made A Crib That Acts Like A Car

Yes you’re reading that headline correctly. Ford has made a crib. But not just any old crib. No, those are boring. Who wants to just lay a kid down to sleep these days? NO ONE THAT’S WHO!

So what is a Ford made crib exactly? Well have you ever noticed that babies and toddlers always pass out in the car? There’s a bit of science behind that. It’s not from boredom, but from the gentle vibrations of the car along with the engine humming. So Ford took all the best parts of a car ride and decided to make a small-human-sleeping-device, but, you know, without all the noxious fumes. It’s made by Ford Spain and Max Motor Dreams.

According to CNN, the reason why Ford created this crib was because “white noise and repetitive movements remind babies of being in of the womb.” This directly relates to the car which has similar effects on babies. It could also mean why passengers sometimes fall asleep so fast on long road trips. These movements and low, ambient noises give us subliminal comfort to the point of exhaustion. This is also why you’ll see parents bouncing babies and going “Shushhhhhhhhh” to simulate a similar sort of effect.

The crib itself is not available for purchase and was more of a case study in the human condition. Oh, and also to promote the “Max” line of cars (i.e., Cmax hybrid). Ford will be holding a raffle for the crib, but due to the popularity of it they are considering mass producing it.

Hell, if we can have Recaro branded child car seats, why not a Ford crib right?

(Source: CNN)


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