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Mark Higgins Just Obliterated His Own Isle Of Man TT Record For 4-Wheelers

He’s done it again. A few weeks ago we showed you the car that Mark Higgins would pilot to glory on the Isle of Man TT course and it was something special. The Subaru STI tuned by Prodrive was sure to come close if not beat the old record set by Higgins last year.

Well he’s done it and he SMASHED the record. For those of you that don’t know what the Isle of Man TT is, it’s a Time Trial course set up on the Isle of Man which is, according to Wikipedia, a “self-governing British Crown dependency in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland.” The 37.73 mile ring road is home to the most intense road race in the world. Motorcycles blast around the course at insane speeds and you can see just how bonkers is it in this video right here.

For a frame of reference on the 4-wheeled version of the course here’s last year’s record run piloted by Higgins.

An incredible feat, but Higgins and Subaru wanted more. Enter Prodrive, the long time Subaru specialty shop that worked on Subaru’s World Rally cars in the 90s and 2000s. They built the insane car in the first link above and the results were staggering.

Here’s their record lap in pieces.

And here are a few spectator and other points of view. You can really get a sense of the speed here.

And here’s what it sounded like as road level.

Monster. Just an absolute monster. There will be a fully edited lap coming soon according to Prodrive and we’ll post that in another article soon once it’s released so keep your eyes peeled.

And of course a HUGE congrats to Higgins and the entire Subaru/Prodrive team on their new record!

(Source: YouTube)


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