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Prodrive And Subaru Team Up Again To Smash Isle Of Man Record.

Subaru and Prodrive have a storied history that goes back to their partnership on Subaru’s World Rally team. In more recent years, Subaru has gone out and crushed the 4-wheel record on the Isle of Man TT course and this was done in a mostly stock STI. Now, they’re teaming back up again, but this time the car won’t be stock.


According to Autoblog, this car is purpose built for a record breaking run.

Last week Prodrive showed off the 2016 Subaru WRX STI it built for a record attempt at the Isle of Man TT’s Snaefell Mountain Course. And now Subaru is officially going back to the Isle of Man to break its own record. Once again Mark Higgins will drive the Impreza around the 37.7-mile road course. Higgens piloted record runs in 2011 and 2014. The most recent run established the current 19-minute, 15.9-second best time.

This new car “will be considerably faster than the previous car,” according to Dominick Infante, Manager of Product Communications for Subaru America. That’s because the previous attempts were in mostly-stock versions of the Impreza WRX STI. The new car is a completely rebuilt, track-only special. Details on the engine and other specifics like aerodynamic tweaks are being held until the car’s official launch.

The video of the last record is pretty ridiculous. So here it is for your enjoyment!

When we get video of the new record attempt, we’ll be sure to upload it so we can compare the times side by side.

(Source: Autoblog)


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