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New Top Gear Gets Delayed

At this point, what else can go wrong? Amidst rumors of fighting between the cast, Chris Evans being a prick to work with, and people generally not giving the show a chance, there is now confirmed news that new TG will be delayed by a few weeks.


Why? The reason isn’t that shocking, but it doesn’t show much promise in ratings.


Despite being dogged with filming and technical issues throughout production, it is thought that the reason they are keen to push back is because they don’t want the show to clash with Britain’s Got Talent on ITV.

Top Gear was originally due to hit our screens on the 8th May but it’s now looking more likely to be the 22nd, with a source explaining: “They’ve [bosses] pulled a sharp handbrake turn.

”‘Top Gear’ is already under intense scrutiny. They don’t want to launch against ITV’s most popular show.“

Britain’s Got Talent managed to pull in the biggest audience of the year to date last Saturday with 11.6million viewers, so it’s understandable that bosses would be a little bit apprehensive.

But here’s where I think this is pretty bad news. Yes that’s a smart idea not putting it up against a popular show, but Top Gear is a name brand and was once the most watched show the world over. To delay a show you’re trying to convince the public is worth watching, delaying the start date because of what it might go against isn’t very confidence building.

We’ll see how the new show is, but this doesn’t leave us with more hope than we had yesterday.

(Source: Yahoo)


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