REPORT: Another Producer Leaves New Top Gear And Drops This Bomb On Us.

Apparently Chris Evans is difficult to work with according to a report coming out of the UK.

Lisa Clark, and executive producer on the show, has just quit citing Evan’s “tyrannical manner” of going about things as well as him being an absolute “control freak.” Now this is stuff we’ve already heard in the past, but only from rumor sources or rags like The Sun or other British tabloids. Coming from someone who just quit the show might hold a bit more water.


Not only that, but there is another bit of news that’s even more troubling for this new version that hasn’t even put out one episode yet.

Another reported issue is Lisa’s decision to hire Friends star Matt LeBlanc.

The source claimed: “It was Lisa who suggested Matt, but Evans’ reply was, ‘He’s old hat, what do we want him for?'”

Lisa’s departure comes shortly after other employees have left the show, including script editor Tom Ford and BBC2 controller Kim Shillinglaw.

The news of Lisa’s exit emerged after it was announced the show relaunch date has been delayed by two weeks.

The news isn’t good, but we’re not completely convinced it’s a death blow. The show has name brand recognition and the stars, at least in the automotive world, are pretty big and well known. I think it’ll be fine in the long run, but these are still trying times for the once stratospheric show.

(Source: Express UK)


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