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McLaren Gives Us A Glorious Gift. But Wait, There’s More Than Just This 570s GT4.


McLaren and it’s completely bonkers cars are incredible. Personally, I have had a love affair with McLarens since I first laid eyes on an F1. After that, every time I see one I become a puddle of mush. Personal uncomfortable attachments to inanimate objects aside, McLaren just hit us with some pretty stunning news. They’ve taken their Sports Series 570s, known to many as the baby McLaren, and made it into a GT4 racer.


As you can plainly see, McLaren has transformed the 570s “sports car” (shut up McLaren we know it’s still a supercar) into a GT4 racing monster with an enormous diffuser, honking rear win, and special livery. This follows in the footsteps of McLaren’s 650s GT3 offerings which are dominating GT3 racing and just logged a Bathurst 12 Hour victory last month.

mclaren570sgt4-4 The 570S GT4, a racing model developed jointly by the McLaren GT competition division and independent motorsport firm CRS GT Limited to comply with the lowest of the FIA’s sports racing categories. It’s based on the road-going model, but features a number of upgrades. The powertrain carries over unchanged, but bodywork has been redone to accommodate the wider track. It rolls on Pirelli racing slicks with center-lock magnesium alloys. The suspension has adjustable dampers and coil-over springs with an on-board air jack. The aerodynamics are more aggressive with a large rear wing, front splitter, and underfloor, a larger radiator up front, and more ducts to keep it all cool.

The 570S GT4 is set to debut at the British GT Championship race at Brands Hatch next month before it’s made available to privateer teams. With it, McLaren Automotive has hired Ansar Ali (formerly of Caterham and Lotus and founder of Zenos) to serve as its Motorsport Director, separate from the GT and F1 racing divisions in Woking.

But wait, this isn’t all that Mclaren announced. They’ve also said that you’ll also be able to order a 570s Sprint, much like the 650s Sprint and P1 GTR. The Sprints are about track days and the private track experience, but won’t be as hardcore as the GT4.

Either way, I’m a big fan of this and glad McLaren is diving further down the racing rabbit hole. As always, here’s some car porn for you.






(Source: Autoblog)


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