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Nissan Just Dropped A New GTR Teaser For The NY Auto Show. Here’s What We Know.

Of the Nissan press reveals over the past few years, few will be more anticipated than this one.


Could this be a new GTR? Maybe just a facelift? A final edition before they kill off this model? Here’s our guess.

The back end looks similar to the R35 as does the roofline. However, over the years, GTRs haven’t evolved drastically until the R34 to R35 change. We’re not talking Porsche 911 levels of small changes, but largely the GTR has remained very similar to the previous versions from the R32 to R34. Our estimated guess is that this is a final edition before the R36 is revealed sometime in 2017.

We’ll be live at the New York International Auto Show next week during press days (March 23rd and 24th) and we’ll be broadcasting this reveal LIVE on our FB page. Be sure to check there as we’ll be covering the more anticipated reveals and doing a full show walk around!


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