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The New Civic Type-R Looks Angry And It’s Ready To Become The Hot-Hatch King

The Paris Motor Show is finally here and one of the biggest news to come out is the emergence of the new Civic Type-R. This version is still in prototype mode, which means everything can still change. However, given the existing Civic platform and the usual Civic Type-R visual cues that we’ve come to expect from prior generations, we might be looking at the final product, sans very minor tweaks. Oh, and the best news? This WILL come to America!!!civic-type-r-prototype-breaks-cover-in-paris-1The Civic Type-R will take on the hatchback version and adds to it the transatlantic flight ready wing. The front fascia and front quarter panels have been drastically redone to accommodate a wider track and fat 245 mm tires. The hood has grown a very WRX-like power bulge and scoop, denoting the turbo’ed powerplant this Type-R will receive, which is most likely 2.0 liter size producing upwards of 340 horsepower.civic-type-r-prototype-breaks-cover-in-paris-6 civic-type-r-prototype-breaks-cover-in-paris-2 civic-type-r-prototype-breaks-cover-in-paris-3

Encircling the Type-R are the presence of spoilers of the carbon-fiber variety that has been accentuated with a subtle but aggressive red lines. Going around back you see not one, not two, but 2.666 tailpipes to be exact! The middle exhaust pipe has been similarly lined with the red accent, which suggests the diminuitive tailpipe might be somewhat special and functional.

civic-type-r-prototype-breaks-cover-in-paris-4 civic-type-r-prototype-breaks-cover-in-paris-5 civic-type-r-prototype-breaks-cover-in-paris-7

The Civic Type-R will be released starting in Europe in the later half of 2017. U.S. availability is not yet known. One thing is for sure, the battle for the Hot-Hatch king is not over and Honda is ready to take back the title!


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