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Hyundai Will Destroy Future Hot Hatches

Again, we must ask, how is this a thing? The Korean automaker released conceptual sketches back in the Summer of 2016 of a mid-engined hot hatch, called RM16. The RM name stands for “Racing Midship,” denoting a race focused mid-engined car. We were dumbfounded but excited about the news as there are so few mid-engine offerings, and none whatsoever that is considered affordable. Now the automaker known for bringing feature packed cars to the masses are seen testing out their latest in the Nurburgring.

hyundai-rm16-1 hyundai-rm16-2 hyundai-rm16-3 hyundai-rm16-4 hyundai-rm16-5The RM16 is based off its predecessor RM14 and RM15 and is planned to have a 2.0 liter turbocharged engine mated to a six-speed manual transmission with an electronic limited-slip differential. With an electric supercharger forcing more air, expect a total of 300 brake horsepower pushing this mid engined, rear wheel drive, hot hatch around. hyundai-rm16-6 hyundai-rm16-7 hyundai-rm16-8 hyundai-rm16-9 hyundai-rm16-10 hyundai-rm16-11 hyundai-rm16-12

We don’t know when this thing, whether it would be a Hot Hatch or a two seater-sports car, will come out for production. But judging from these spy shots it looks like Hyundai is very close to having something incredible in their hands.

(Photo Source: Auto Express)


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