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New Toyota Supra Spy Nurburgring Test Video Gives Us The Best Insights Yet On Engine And Handling

What a cracking good spot by the boys over at Motor 1.

We’ve seen a few videos out there of the new Supra testing and this one is better than all of them combined. Why? Because it’s actually cruising along, at speed, and we can hear the engine. In my no way expert opinion, this sounds like it has a V6 in it. This, of course, would be a spiritual successor to the legendary 2JZ Inline 6 used in the last of the Supras of the 90s. Whether it’s has direct lineage to the 2JZ is only speculation at this point especially since this is a joint project from Toyota and BMW. Either way, it sure sounds like a V6.

We also get a good shot at the handling aspects of the car. There’s not tons of body roll. Corner entries and exits look sharp, controlled, and lacking drama. Not that there would be from a test mule going around at 50-75% of its capabilities. There’s a surprising lack of tire squeal which means that this car has a lot left to give on the performance side of things.

Take a look for yourselves.

I sure hope this car breaks canvas soon. If it’s anything like the test mule, it’s going to be business in the front and a party in the rear. Mullet car potential.

(Source: YouTube)


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