How To Build A 60’s Mustang That Can Handle

The muscle cars of the 1960’s were known for big V8s, fast quarter mile times, and a complete inability to handle. These old school muscle cars that made American performance cars great can now be transformed into a well-rounded sports car with some modern modifications. Transforming 1960’s muscle cars isn’t a new concept but today were close to automotive perfection. One such example is built by Detroit Speed in South Carolina which, combines old school body lines with modern power and amenities. On this One Take, Matt Farah quickly finds out that with a few choice modifications this classic American muscle car is transformed.

Muscle cars of today are legitimate sports cars, embarrassing the best Europe has to offer, but back in the 1960’s they had a lot to learn. With the main focus being horsepower and displacement these cars lacked the necessary features to make them a well-rounded sports car.  Although they were the butt of many jokes from their European rivals , old school muscle cars gave birth to the most iconic names in American motoring. Today we can appreciate these icons while bringing them into the modern age with updated suspensions, brakes, and engines.

Detroit speed took this old 1965 Mustang coupe keeping the exterior unrestored and only focusing on the car’s weaknesses. They replaced the suspension, modified the gearbox, and implanted a Roush / Yates High Performance 302 crate motor making 325 horsepower. To back up this increase in horsepower they used four-wheel disc brakes replacing the inadequate stock system. This transformed it into the perfect muscle to daily drive, the combination of modern drivetrain components and a classic exterior make this the perfect blend of new and old.

(Source: The Smoking Tire)


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