McLaren Testing 650s Replacement. Spy Shots Show Big Differences From Outgoing Model.

The McLaren 650 is McLaren’s flagship model and has been around since 2014. It’s not their halo model, obviously. That distinction belongs to the venerable P1 hypercar. The 650s is the flagship because it was the evolution of the MP4-12C that McLaren developed and brought to market as their first road car since the legendary F1. If you lump the MP4-12C and 650S together, it’s been on the road since 2011.

5 years later and now we could be looking at a replacement in the not too distant future. McLaren itself has tasked itself with growing the brand and, as a result, growing production from a bespoke and small supercar company, to one that could rival Ferrari or Lamborghini soon. Since the MP4-12C’s inception they’ve rolled out the P1, 570s, 570GT, 540C, 650S, and 675LT, not to mention a whole mess of specialty cars like the 688HS and P1 GTR. So now that they’ve firmly cemented themselves in the conversation of best supercar maker, they are taking on the daunting task of following up their oldest living model. The P14, as it’s called, will be the next in line.

Looks like the boys over at Motor 1 have caught our first glimpse.

The 650s had more of an alien front end, but this seems to be a bit more subdued and aggressive as opposed to artistic. Here’s the back end.

Again looking a bit more subdued, but there are more pictures that give a better view without all the camouflage.

Now, I’m a HUGE McLaren fan and the current 650s is my dream car, but I’m really liking what I’m seeing here. If the next car is anywhere close to this, I’ll be first in line 30 years from now when I can afford one.

What do you think? Is McLaren on point with this new model?

(Source: Motor1)


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