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Toyota & Ferrari Mish Mash Comes Alive And It Sounds Exactly Like You Would Think. Glorious

The guys at Donut media has been documenting Ryan Tuerck’s and sponsor’s Gumout Performance Additives’ latest build called, the GT4586. If that name sounds ridiculous to you, well that is because this is the most ridiculous build to have ever been bestowed upon a plain old Toyota GT86. These guys ventured to build a Ferrari beating Toyota by literally putting a Ferrari into a Toyota.

They managed to squeeze in a Ferrari V8 F136 engine, the ones found in a bunch of Ferraris (F430 and 458 Italia) and Maseratis (Quattroporte and Gran Turismo), into the engine bay of the GT86! The 90 degree 3.2 liter Ferrari V8 should be good to push over 450 horsepower. Combine the lightweight factor of the Toyota with the high revving powerplant of the Ferrari and this is going to be the most unholy of matrimonies!

Now there is Facebook video proof that the Toyota and Ferrari mish mash has come alive. And it sounds GLORIOUS. Have a listen for yourself:

We can’t wait to see this GT4586 in some drift events. Chances are it will be the most expensive drift car in the competition thanks to its Ferrari powerplant.

(Source: Donut Media)


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