This Upgrade Will Make A Plain Toyota Beat A Ferrari

Toyota makes boring vehicles, there’s no question about that. Though as of a few years ago the folks in Toyota camp got in bed with Subaru, and they made something that reminds us that they have an ounce of passion in their cold, heartless, bean-counting minds. They made the GT86! You can call it the BRZ, GT86, FR-S or 86, they’re all the same two-door, lightweight rear wheel drive vehicles. And we think it has the markings of a future classic.

No, it does not have a ton of power, but in its present condition the GT86 is capable of giving you plenty of thrill without trying to kill you at every corner. We’ve always believed a little bit of power boost will go a long way for the balanced sports car. Perhaps a little basic performance upgrade via intake, exhaust, and tune, or even throwing in some forced induction into the mix.

The folks in Donut Media is documenting a build between professional drifter Ryan Tuerck and his drift sponsor Gumout Performance Additives. No, they did not go the routine way of beefing up the tiny rear wheel drive sports car. Instead they managed to squeeze in a Ferrari V8 F136 engine, the ones found in a bunch of Ferraris (F430 and 458 Italia) and Maseratis (Quattroporte and Gran Turismo), into the engine bay of the GT86! The 90 degree 3.2 liter Ferrari V8 should be good to push over 450 horsepower. Combine the lightweight factor of the Toyota with the high revving powerplant of the Ferrari and this is going to be the most unholy of matrimonies! This should make for one very insane drift car and something that can go toe to toe with other Ferraris, because IT IS a Ferrari! We cannot wait to see the finished product!

(Source: Donut Media)


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