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Top Gear Got Away With It. BBC Says No Further Investigation Into Cenotaph Stunt.

The stunt that pissed off so many Britons is officially a case closed topic for the BBC. This will undoubtedly piss off even more people.

New Top Gear’s questionable decision to do donuts near the Cenotaph, a London war memorial, was not well received by the people of Great Britain. It also didn’t help that the first ever American presenter, Matt Leblanc, did the stunt with another American at the help of the Hoonicorn Mustang Drift Car, a certain drifting legend named Mr. Ken Block. Most had a problem with them doing it by the Cenotaph. If it was anywhere else in London, sure people would have complained, but not to this extent. It was labeled as “disrespectful” and “obscene” by many.

Chris Evans, who has since left the show, even apologized after it and he wasn’t involved in the stunt to begin with. Now, after all the complaints and a subsequent investigation, the BBC has close the case saying no further action will be taken.

cenotaph-top gear

The BBC Trust has ruled out further investigation of Top Gear’s controversial Cenotaph stunt after complaints that the BBC had attempted to “shrug off” people’s concerns with a “cut and paste” apology.

Chris Evans, who has since stepped down from his Top Gear role, apologised after co-host Matt LeBlanc and rally driver Ken Block were filmed doing “doughnuts” close to the central London war memorial and said the footage would never be used.

The BBC said at the time that the Cenotaph was never intended to feature in the programme and offered its “sincere apologies”.

The BBC later issued a further apology after two people complained that its initial response had been insufficient. “The BBC would never knowingly disrespect any war heroes,” it said.

That wasn’t enough though.

At least one person was still unhappy with the BBC’s response, but the trust said on Thursday that it would not take the appeal further on the basis that it had “no reasonable prospect of succeeding”.

But in true BBC fashion, that didn’t matter.

The trust said the main points of complaint were operational and editorial matters that rested with the BBC and were not matters for the trust.

People can continue to complain about it, and they will, but nothing else will happen from it.

(Source: The Guardian)


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