This Guy Just Proved That Exotic Cars Need To Be Driven To Survive

For those of you that so not know Doug Demuro, he is a YouTuber, contributor at Jalopnik, and an all around funny dude. Some of his automotive adventures have included: taking a Lotus Elise across the US, owning and daily driving a Ferrari 360, and importing and then daily driving a right hand drive Nissan Skyline R32. He’s a pretty good authority when it comes to cars.

Which makes this all the more palpable. In a world when we have supercars that can do 200+ mph, yet have the utility of a daily driver (see Mclaren 650s) it’s absolutely nuts to me that people buy these cars and then garage them, never to see the light of day. Certain cars do increase in value, sure, but most cars are works of art that are meant to be driven, not caged up. Doug’s Aston Martin V8 Vantage that he got upon selling the Skyline, is the perfect example of this.

When he got it, after it sitting on a dealer’s lot for 7 months, it had a few major problems. However, since he got those fixed under his now internet famous Carmax warranty, guess how many problems the car has had?

Just more proof to my personal mantra: car’s are meant to be driven. If you own something exotic, DRIVE IT. Enjoy it. Don’t put it in the corner. Nobody should put baby in the corner.

(Source: YouTube)


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